You Are the Supreme Dream Interpreter

Is it necessary to visit a professional Dream analyst to have the deepest and most hidden meanings of your dreams revealed? Absolutely not! Just try this simple and effective technique and a whole new world of dream growth will be opened for you.

Literal Meaning

Our dreams have a literal meaning or obvious meaning. Simply look at your real waking life, ask what’s going on and important in the here and now, and see if your dream is acting as a literal commentary and evaluation of real life events. Dreams often offer us simple solutions to complex life problems.


Your feelings are the key! The true meaning and significance of your dream is always highlighted by the emotions evoked. By writing down these feelings, then linking them to the dream itself, and often the meaning becomes immediately clear and obvious.


Dreams are like onions, composed of many layers, each one deeper and harder to get at. Below the more literal and immediate layers, your dreams become symbolic and visual. By analyzing your dream symbols and imagery, often links to life situations, conflicts, and problems become clear, and solutions offered.

Talk About Your Dream

Thinking and analyzing your dream is great, but when you actually talk about it deeper levels of understanding and awareness often arise. For example: an unpleasant dream of hordes of bugs might initially appear silly and insignificant. However, by actually talking about it, you might find that the “bugs” in the dream might actually be a visual pun, representing something in your life that is “bugging” you.


  1. thank you for such an insightful analysis, I remember having recurring dreams about my grandparents’ house; where I spent a lot of time as a child.
    here is a tip for easy dream interpretation : if you have trouble remembering your dreams, keep a notepad next to your bed and when you wake up in the morning, write down what you remember as fast as possible, as you get into the habit, you will remember in more detail and you will remember all your dreams.

    1. Another easy tip to remember your dream is to give the dream a title as soon as you wake up. That way all you have to do is remember the title and the rest of the dream will flood back.

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