What’s So Important About Dreams?

Do you realize that all of us are creative geniuses? That’s right. Every living breathing human being is a potential Einstein or Picasso and the route to that genius is our dreams!

Mal has discovered that by guiding people to work with their dreams, a whole new world of self-discovery and actualization is opened to each of us.

Your dreams represent an essential part and expression of who you are, and nobody has the right or ability to interpret or direct you and your life’s course.

Rather than interpret your dream, Mal works with you to remember, write down, contemplate, digest, comprehend, and utilize your dreams to develop a fuller sense of self, life direction and meaning.

In a sense, Mal actually dreams the dream with the dreamer, and then intuitively, analytically, and even musically teaches you how to synchronize your conscious and dreaming self. You are the only true dream interpreter, contact Mal today and find your creative genius.

Open doors
Open your mind
Become the full and true you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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