How Effective is Dream Counseling by Phone?

Telephone Dream Counselling
Telephone Dream Counselling

People often ask if Dream Counseling is better done in person or by phone and which one is better?

How can I actually assist somebody via the phone with a dream-related question? And it appears the answer is both simple and surprising. Recently a young man phoned, and asked if I could help him with a family-related dream that he couldn’t seem to let go of. After a short conversation and dream description, he spontaneously talked about his associations, past family problems, and various feelings that the dream has evoked. Finally he expressed great appreciation, and further told me that the insights obtained through me acting as a “dream-window” were further enhanced by the fact that he and I had never actually met, resulting in a non-threatening objective environment for him. The result – a new enhanced insight into his feelings, guilt, and anxieties regarding his long-term family relationships. He now hopes that the dream, now better understood and acted upon, will have lost it’s power over him, and should now also fade from his consciousness as well as future dreaming.

We started the conversation as complete strangers, but by the time of our friendly goodbyes, some safe and trustworthy feedback has resulted in a new personal insight for a young dreamer.

Is telephone dream counseling possible? Judge for yourself!

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