Dreams: The Key to Your Full Potential

by Mal Cohen

Did you know that there is one behavior that links all of us regardless of age, sex, race, etc. … dreaming! While mysterious and totally personal, at the same time dreaming is normal, necessary and universal. In our “advanced” and “modern” Western culture we often view our dreams as meaningless, superficial or silly. However, if we open ourselves to the deeper meaning and reality of our dreams, there exists a limitless potential for guidance, knowledge and growth. Today we have learned that professional Analysts and Therapists are not required to open this inner door, but in fact, the dreamer himself is the only one fully equipped with the knowledge and ability to comprehend and interpret his dream. All that’s needed is the key to open the lock to the dream source: our unconscious mind. Simply turn that key, open the door, and suddenly we have before us a new power to remember, understand and grow through our dreams.

What Is A Dream?

a: consciousness
b: personal or subjective unconsciousness
c: universal or collective unconsciousness, linking all humanity

Dreaming or what Jung calls “sleep consciousness” occurs naturally and spontaneously and is a secondary means of communication. The problem, however, is that most of us have never learned, or perhaps forgotten this language. So when we learn the simple but potent 2nd language, the door is opened for true integration. All we have to do is temporarily leave behind our objective, structural and thought-oriented verbal language, and instead focus on our visual, symbolic and image-oriented dream language. And you thought that you would never be “bilingual”.

Why Dream Counseling?

Every person’s dream is a totally original,
Technicolor, stereo, piece of creative genius.

The trouble is that nearly all of us through negligence or will do not remember most of our dreams, let alone their meanings. Dream Counseling will aid the dreamer accept, remember and interpret his dreams while linking it to his life as a whole. The key is personal responsibility. No therapist or professional, no matter how skilled or qualified, can ever begin to know you the way you know yourself. So it’s obvious that each of us is best qualified to experience, interpret, understand, and develop through our dreams.

What Does A Dream Mean?

There are as many dream meanings as there are dreamers. Once we accept the reality and validity of our dream, we are ready to investigate the “hidden language” of images and symbols.

Why Bother with Dreams At All?

We humans are much more than physical being, conscious minds, existing in the “here and now”. We are all linked to and part of our personal and collective pasts and futures, and our dreams represent the best and easiest means of developing this awareness. Through our dreams true growth and self-actualization are realistic and easily obtainable goals.
Can Dreams Be Dangerous?

Probably the greatest danger involving dreams rests in ignoring them! True, some Professionals still hold on to the antiquated view that lay or subjective dream study might prove dangerous due to potential destructive sudden traumatic awareness of inner turmoil, repression, nervosis, etc. However, this perspective does not respect personal autonomy, independence and responsibility. Even given the extreme case of disease or disability, nobody other than oneself can bring about a true cure. Dreams, although occasional painful or stressful, are not in themselves dangerous. If anything, ignoring our dreams constitutes a much greater danger.
Dream Analysis Versus Dream Awareness

Dream Counseling incorporates aspects of dream analysis. However, it is a primary and highly effective developmental technique rather than therapy, the goal being personal growth and problem solution. When spontaneous therapy occurs, it is somewhat like icing on the cake.

  • Do you want to really know who your are?
  • Do you want to be fully in touch with your inner voice?
  • Do you want to direct your future?
  • Do you want to transform into a fulfilled person?
  • Dream Analysis — Don’t Just Dream About it; Do it through Dreams!



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