Don’t Worry, It Was Only a Dream

by Mal Cohen

Was it only a dream? Why do we belittle our dreams? Why do we dream in the first place? We dream to make sense out of our lives and to “digest” what has happened during the day. Some nights we dream and don’t remember them in the morning and other nights it seems like we went to the movies and remember everything.

There is a message hidden in those dreams we remember. The ones we don’t remember have served their purpose. When we understand that dreams are a picture of feelings and that we can understand their meaning, suddenly a whole new world opens up for us. Understanding bad dreams and nightmares becomes vitally important. Thus, repeated dreams are our subconscious’ way of informing us that there is has a message for us; something important to convey and we just don’t seem to get it. Once we understand the message, the bad dream or nightmare will stop, because we got it. Dreams are also indicators of the progress we are making in our lives. They tell us when we are stuck and when we are moving along just fine.

Dreams historically held an important place in ancient cultures. The dream counselors held an esteemed and honored position in the community. Today, in our fast-paced, technological world we hardly pay attention to our dreams, but we still keep on dreaming and then dismiss them as unimportant or as a nuisance.

Could it be that collective dreams are the heartbeat of society and that we are loosing touch with our inner selves? Is it then surprising that people are finding that there is something to dreams and that they can help and guide us?

Today’s dream counselors are facilitators, they help the dreamer interpret his or her own dreams. They are the dictionary between the pictorial language of the dream and the daily language we speak. By asking the dreamer questions and then restating the answers, the dreamer will see a picture emerging and will begin to understand the meaning of the dream.

“The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.”



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