Baby Dreams? Sigmund Might Not Agree

Recently my wife, Marlies, awakened from a normal night’s sleep relating what she considered a strange and untimely dream. Having just celebrated her 57th birthday, Marlies found it unusual that she should have such a powerful, visual, and emotional dream about suddenly becoming pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby. Her first question was: “Mal, why would I, at this stage of my post-menopausal life, suddenly dream about babies?”


Of course, a conventional Freudian interpretation would probably view this sort of dream in a sexual perspective. However my observation and experience has clearly illustrated otherwise.While personal sexuality might be a factor in this sort of dream, I have found that universally baby dreams are subconscious inner statements regarding personal creativity, change, and growth. There are, in fact, no universal interpretations, because these dreams are by their nature subjective, individual, and personal. However by viewing “the baby” as a new and original creation, the deeper and personal significance of this genre of dream is amazingly easy to comprehend and work with.

I recommend a few simple steps;

  1. Immediately recall the dream on awakening, and write down a short summary of the dream as soon as possible.
  2. If possible, discuss the dream with your mate, or other close friend.
  3. Focus on the emotion (s) that the dream, characters, format, etc evoked.
  4. Ask yourself what associations come to mind with the dream imagery.
  5. Finally analyze your “post-dream” feelings following steps 1-4. Is there a sense of change, growth, insight, release etc? Answers to serious/long-standing life traumas, conflicts, and crises often spontaneously appear thanks to your inner teacher.

I have found that following these few simple steps generally results in universal insight, liberation,and growth. This technique applies equally well to nightmares,violent, destructive and repetitive/reoccurring dreams. Who would have thought that getting pregnant, giving birth, and raising a baby could be the equivalent to a University degree in “Self-knowledge”!

Listen to dreams, blossom, flower and liberate your full persona!

A Note from Marlies:

The thing that struck me the most of the dream that I was fighting the idea of having a baby while I was dreaming. I tried to stop the dream from going in the baby direction a number of times, but it always went back to it.

When I woke up in the morning, I realized that the baby was not a real baby but a symbol of something creative and new was on the way and my dream was giving me a heads up signal.

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