“Are You Dreaming?!!”


How many times in your life has this terrifying question been thrown at you. But now consider what this accusation really means and signifies.

Whether it is spoken by:  mother, father, sister, brother, priest, teacher, etc etc etc, the intention is generally similar —an accusation of being different or unusual from the socially accepted norm.

For example, if you happened to see an unidentified flying object slowly hovering over a neighbour’s house could very easily be accepted by mommy as only “imagination”, or “silliness”, or even “fibbing”! But perhaps the actual experience is real, and whatever the UFO might actually be, you really did see it!

Are you dreaming? I should hope so! Because, in reality, the act of dreaming is actually the ultimate act of creativity, Whether the dreamer is dreaming unconsciously (sleep), or consciously (fantasy) the truth is that the ultimate experience of human creative genius manifests through the dream. Without the dream there could be no evolution, no better future,and no personal spiritual development.

So the next time you are accosted by: “are you dreaming”?  remember what this truly means, and proudly respond: “I sure hope so!”

Until the next dream,


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