7 Facts about Dreams You Might Not Know

Dreams are amazing and at times leave you puzzled as to their meaning. Here are just a few facts you might not know.

Dreams reveal our subconscious, sometimes they can be completely  random and they don’t make sense, on average humans tend to have around 3  to 7 dreams a night, we dream around 2 to 3 hours in a whole night and  the most interesting thing is that a 90% of the dream is lost the first  minute we wake up, also if you have a partner who snores and keeps you  up all night, he or she mustn’t be dreaming much, since its impossible  to dream while snoring. These are just some facts and statistics about  the science of dreaming,

credit: http://positivemed.com/2013/07/11/really-cool-facts-about-dreams/

The easiest way to remember a dream is to give it a title as soon as you wake up.

1] Every person in your dream is you

The people you see in your dreams are representative of aspects of yourself. If you would see yourself in situations that you are using others for, you would immediately wake up. It would be too scary. You are using specifc other people to represent you for what they mean to you in your awake life.

2] REM sleep

Dreams occur during REM sleep. While you are in REM sleep your muscles are voluntarily paralized. So, if you have a nightmare or a bad dream and wake up it will take a few minutes for your muscles to respond

3] You dream in pictures/symbols

Remember that every dream is symbolic. You dream in pictures and symbols, but speak a language to express yourself.  That’s the reason why it is not always simple to understand your dreams. You have to learn to interpret and translate your symbols into your everyday language.

Keep in mind that the interpretation of symbols you find in ‘dream dictionaries’ give you the archetypal meaning of that symbol. Then on top there is your own personal interpretation of the symbol.

4] Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are the dreams you can actually control, because you are aware that you dreaming even though you are still asleep.

5] Erotic dreams

Erotic dreams are a safe way to express  and explore your erotic impulses. They are actually quite common and can lead to orgasms for both men and women.

  • Men get erections during REM sleep, whether or not the man is having an erotic dream
  • Women get their genitals engorged and lubricated during an erotic dream.

6] Male and female dreams

  •  Men’s dreams are more often about strangers, violence, sexual active, achievement and outdoor events
  • Women’s dreams are often slightly longer and have more characters. Women also tend to have more nightmares than men. Women’s dream are more often about their children, family or household activities.

7] Precognitive dreams

The problem wiht precognitive dreams is that often you don’t know when your are dreaming that you are having a precognitive dream. You only find out that you had a precognitive dream after the event you dreamed of occurs.



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