Why Do Nightmares Rerun?

face your nightmare

face your nightmare

Why do we have nightmares and how can we stop them? Part of the problem is that “We take our problems to sleep and we work through them during the night”. By taking care of your nightmares while awake, helps eliminate them from our sleep.

In today’s Globe & Mail newspaper in the “Social Studies” section was this small blurb from the Wall Street Journal. I could not find the article online, so I am copying it from the printed newpaper.

” ‘We take our problems to sleep and we work through them during the night,” says Rosalind Cartwright, an emeritus professor of neuroscience at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, who has spent nearly 50 years studying sleep and dreams. Her new boo, The Twenty-four Hour Mind, explains that the mind latches on to some thread of unfinished emotional business from the day. Then, in REM sleep (the rapid-eye movement period when most dreaming occurs), it calls up bits of older memories that are somehow related, and melds them together. ‘That’s why dreams look so peculiar. You have old memories and old memories Scotch-plaided into each other,” she says. ‘They are emotional connections rather than logical ones.” Usually, people work through the most negative emotions first, and their dreams become more positive as the night goes on … But nightmares interrupt that process; people usually wake up before the frightening emotion is resolves, so the dream keeps repeating.”

So how do I stop a nightmare from reoccurring, is the logical question? The answer is: It is quite simple to stop a nightmare, but not as easily done alone as we need some help confronting the “monster”. Once we understand the meaning of the nightmare and have confronted the “monster” in the waking state, we have taken away its power and the nightmare will not return.

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What Do Dreams Really Mean from CNN



Earlier this year I came across this interesting article on CNN about what dreams really mean. We all have dreams, but we don’t always remember them. The dreams we remember have a message for us, the ones we can’t recall have served their purpose and have let them go.

The key thing to remember is that the same dream can have a totally different meaning for another person. Dream interpretation is very specific to each individual, so books that tell you the meaning of a dream symbol might not always be accurate depending on your life experience with that symbol.

Here at Dream Guide we don’t interpret your dream, rather we guide you to interpret your own dream as you are the only one who can truly interpret your own dream. If you have repetitive and scary dreams, understanding them can completely eliminate them, so that they never come back.

What are your experiences with your dreams, we’d love to hear from you.

Baby Dreams? Sigmund Might Not Agree

Recently my wife, Marlies, awakened from a normal night’s sleep relating what she considered a strange and untimely dream. Having just celebrated her 57th birthday, Marlies found it unusual that she should have such a powerful, visual, and emotional dream about suddenly becoming pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby. Her first question was: “Mal, why would I, at this stage of my post-menopausal life, suddenly dream about babies?”


Of course, a conventional Freudian interpretation would probably view this sort of dream in a sexual perspective. However my observation and experience has clearly illustrated otherwise.While personal sexuality might be a factor in this sort of dream, I have found that universally baby dreams are subconscious inner statements regarding personal creativity, change, and growth. There are, in fact, no universal interpretations, because these dreams are by their nature subjective, individual, and personal. However by viewing “the baby” as a new and original creation, the deeper and personal significance of this genre of dream is amazingly easy to comprehend and work with.

I recommend a few simple steps;

  1. Immediately recall the dream on awakening, and write down a short summary of the dream as soon as possible.
  2. If possible, discuss the dream with your mate, or other close friend.
  3. Focus on the emotion (s) that the dream, characters, format, etc evoked.
  4. Ask yourself what associations come to mind with the dream imagery.
  5. Finally analyze your “post-dream” feelings following steps 1-4. Is there a sense of change, growth, insight, release etc? Answers to serious/long-standing life traumas, conflicts, and crises often spontaneously appear thanks to your inner teacher.

I have found that following these few simple steps generally results in universal insight, liberation,and growth. This technique applies equally well to nightmares,violent, destructive and repetitive/reoccurring dreams. Who would have thought that getting pregnant, giving birth, and raising a baby could be the equivalent to a University degree in “Self-knowledge”!

Listen to dreams, blossom, flower and liberate your full persona!

A Note from Marlies:

The thing that struck me the most of the dream that I was fighting the idea of having a baby while I was dreaming. I tried to stop the dream from going in the baby direction a number of times, but it always went back to it.

When I woke up in the morning, I realized that the baby was not a real baby but a symbol of something creative and new was on the way and my dream was giving me a heads up signal.

“Are You Dreaming?!!”



How many times in your life has this terrifying question been thrown at you. But now consider what this accusation really means and signifies.

Whether it is spoken by:  mother, father, sister, brother, priest, teacher, etc etc etc, the intention is generally similar —an accusation of being different or unusual from the socially accepted norm.

For example, if you happened to see an unidentified flying object slowly hovering over a neighbour’s house could very easily be accepted by mommy as only “imagination”, or “silliness”, or even “fibbing”! But perhaps the actual experience is real, and whatever the UFO might actually be, you really did see it!

Are you dreaming? I should hope so! Because, in reality, the act of dreaming is actually the ultimate act of creativity, Whether the dreamer is dreaming unconsciously (sleep), or consciously (fantasy) the truth is that the ultimate experience of human creative genius manifests through the dream. Without the dream there could be no evolution, no better future,and no personal spiritual development.

So the next time you are accosted by: “are you dreaming”?  remember what this truly means, and proudly respond: “I sure hope so!”

Until the next dream,


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Dreaming Within A Dream

Is it possible to dream that you are dreaming? And if so, what does it mean? Recently I experienced a very unusual and interesting nighttime dream. Although my dream itself was nothing unusual, it did offer me a new and potentially educational scenario and inner learning potential.

Without going into unnecessary detail, my “weird” dream began with me asleep. As I was sleeping, I became aware that I also was dreaming that a couple of acquaintances had accidentally blown themselves up resulting in the death of one of them. As my dream progressed, I increasingly became aware of my “dream-within a dream”, and attempted to prevent the activity and possible death of my friend. To make a long story short, I never succeeded in this attempt, and my”dream-within a dream” ended up actually occurring.

So what, you might ask? Is this psychic knowledge? Is this a warning? Or is this truly “nonsense”. For me, none of these potential meanings resonated. But this dream turned out to be truly significant and educational. Dreaming is such a subjective and personal phenomenon, that this dream for me proved to be a means of both philosophical and spiritual insight, resulting in a much improved knowledge of my own personal beliefs about free will and control/influence of significant others, EVEN IF I MIGHT KNOW BETTER! My “dream-within a dream” was actually was actually teaching me that I have no moral right to enforce my beliefs and/or will on anybody but myself…

And I learned this valuable lesson not from any formal course, lesson, or expert, but simply from dreaming a “dream-within a dream” paying attention, and acting upon my new-found inner knowledge! Every time you remember a dream, regardless of how small,silly, or seemingly insignificant the dream might appear, the potential is also there for new, true and deep personal insight and growth.

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