Dreaming Within A Dream

Is it possible to dream that you are dreaming? And if so, what does it mean? Recently I experienced a very unusual and interesting nighttime dream. Although my dream itself was nothing unusual, it did offer me a new and potentially educational scenario and inner learning potential.

Without going into unnecessary detail, my “weird” dream began with me asleep. As I was sleeping, I became aware that I also was dreaming that a couple of acquaintances had accidentally blown themselves up resulting in the death of one of them. As my dream progressed, I increasingly became aware of my “dream-within a dream”, and attempted to prevent the activity and possible death of my friend. To make a long story short, I never succeeded in this attempt, and my”dream-within a dream” ended up actually occurring.

So what, you might ask? Is this psychic knowledge? Is this a warning? Or is this truly “nonsense”. For me, none of these potential meanings resonated. But this dream turned out to be truly significant and educational. Dreaming is such a subjective and personal phenomenon, that this dream for me proved to be a means of both philosophical and spiritual insight, resulting in a much improved knowledge of my own personal beliefs about free will and control/influence of significant others, EVEN IF I MIGHT KNOW BETTER! My “dream-within a dream” was actually was actually teaching me that I have no moral right to enforce my beliefs and/or will on anybody but myself…

And I learned this valuable lesson not from any formal course, lesson, or expert, but simply from dreaming a “dream-within a dream” paying attention, and acting upon my new-found inner knowledge! Every time you remember a dream, regardless of how small,silly, or seemingly insignificant the dream might appear, the potential is also there for new, true and deep personal insight and growth.

Please contact me if you too wish to learn more about yourself.


  1. when I have a dream within a dream I see myself fall asleep, never in a bed it`s always outside. I sleep, and then dream, when I wake up everything that happens in my dream comes true. I never try to change it I just watch it all play out. Is this the same thing?

  2. I just had a very interesting dream within a dream where I knew that I was dreaming. I even one of the people in my dream about the symbol I was looking at. I ask her if they were still real even though I was dreaming. She said yes. I kept seeing city names on a map and those names are the city and state that live in now and the city that I just moved from in another state. We were also flying without an airplane. I remember there being two different teams and we were challenging each other while we flew through these different states. We used our bodies to fly. I remember being close to these group of people and the interaction was all very good.

  3. I am deeply impacted by a bizarre so called dream within a dream, one like no other I have encountered before. I’m thrown off and in wonder of the crazy details about, any insight would help.

  4. Thanks for the info. Im always trying to figure out what my dreams mean. Im goin to try to pay more attention to them now. And im sorry about your friend.

  5. I had a dream , that I was dreaming in the dream but came reality (in the dream) and it was a nightmear …. We were going down a long windy road trying to escape this deamon girl n we hit a dead end and in that dead end was a forest with a swamp etc wolves ( which I have a phobia of) and we got out of the car trying to escape an it kept on going round in circles and starting from the begining of the long road again any ideas of to what tis might mean ? I woke up at 4 thinking this girl was gunna get me an me being a adult was quite pathetic

  6. I recently had a dream within a dream within a dream. I hope it makes sense what I just said lol. I always have dreams like this. Dreaming within a dream but that one was the first to go that far. No one knows what to tell me when I tell them as in friends. I also see people who have passed and they tell me things to tell their relatives. I don’t know, I’m weird lol.

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